I loved what I now consider to be my “old life.” I have the best girlfriends in the world, my family is amazing, and I loved my teaching job. On paper it sounds great, but something was missing. I embarked on a yearlong Around the World adventure in June of 2009 and quickly realized what I needed in my life… to feel alive! I was waking up each morning feeling fresh and excited, seeing myself with new eyes, and really appreciating everything that I came across. This year opened me up to a world, THE world that I had been living in, but finally felt that I belonged to. Not only did I come home from an amazing year with a new sense of self, but also a true love!

Norman and I will begin our life together in April 2011 in his home country of Germany. When I am not traveling, my “real life” has always been in Colorado and I have every possible emotion running through me as I realize that I am going to make a home and life for myself on the other side of the world. I will miss everyone, as they have been my rock and my everything for as long as I can remember, but because of the relationship I have with all of them, I know that nothing will change while I am away.

I hope this blog will connect the two lives that I now have. I realize that it will always be hard, because whether I am in the US or Germany, I will always be missing someone and something. Yet this also means that I have two amazing places to call home, two beautiful groups of people that care about me, and one man that will always be by my side.


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