34 steps to a new home…

Literally, 34 steps downstairs from our old flat to our new one! When the bigger flat downstairs became available, we decided to pack up and take advantage of the quick and easy move that would give us more space, a balcony, and a fresh start. Norman had lived in his flat for a few years and while I loved being there with him and seeing where he sat during our many hours of skype dates or where he slept while I had been dreaming about him from the other side of the world, we decided that as newlyweds, we would make a new home for ourselves. I moved to Germany with very little (ok, 4 suitcases full of clothes, but nothing else) we didn’t necessarily NEED more space now that there were two of us (as I have said before, we practically share the same sofa cushion) but in the end we figured this was a good choice to make.

Our new flat has a reversed layout, so our bedroom is actually facing the Basilica (a pretty awesome view to wake up to) and our living room and balcony are on the back of the building away from the street (much more quiet). Our back windows are nice and big and face West, so we get a lot of evening sun while making dinner. Quick sidenote…. because we are living so much further North it stays light until 10:30 pm during Summers. I am a big fan!

We are not quite unpacked and settled, but I thought I would share some before pictures of the new flat, some after pictures of the old and empty flat upstairs, and a few in the process pictures. We are having so much fun unpacking together, reorganizing, decorating, and making this new flat a home together. Ooh, and we get to use all the Ikea gift cards we got as presents from our German Wedding, I cant wait for our big shopping trip on Friday!

Old flats living room on moving day

Old flats empty living room

Old flats empty living room, office, kitchen space

Old flats empty bedroom

Painting bedroom walls cream

Painting the bedroom wall blue

Painting the living room

New flats living room and balcony

New flats Kitchen and eating area

New flats bedroom full of boxes

New flats living room full of boxes

New Kitchen

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One Response to 34 steps to a new home…

  1. Julie Darcy says:

    Love the new flat, looks much bigger. The paint will make it more cozy too. So glad it was not a terrible move. Enjoy making a home together. Thanks for sharing pictures, always nice to have visuals.

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