America Week in Germany

Every few months, the local supermarkets celebrate “America Week” and put out a random assortment of foods, supposedly consumed in the USA. The packaging is covered in stars and stripes and the selection is both familiar and surprising. For example, I have never drank blueberry juice nor have I had blueberry cookies, but Germany seems to think we really enjoy this patriotic berry. However, I do love when I can easily find peanut butter, which the rest of the world really does associate as “typical American”… kind of like Vegemite in Australia… it’s what we are known for. Who knew that all children around the world weren’t raised on PB&J?!?!?

Sadly, I missed out another 4th of July, but thanks to Aldi and Lidl, I couldn’t go far without being bombarded with the American flag as a reminder of what a beautiful place I still get to call home. Happy America week everyone!

Hot dog sauce=Ketchup, Sandwich sauce=?, and Barbecue Ketchup=BBQ Sauce

Americans eat a lot of apples, I guess?!?!

Specifially for Barbecues 🙂 I have also seen "toasting marshmellows" sold. Well Norman did have his first ´smore this year, so I guess we might be the only ones doing this

Apple Pie - Yes, I guess that's pretty American... "American Pie" right?!?!

Ketchup and Mayo in one, they come out stripey just like our flag!

I thought popcorn was universal... the extra big super size is pretty American though

I do love pickels!!!!!

Never had it, but I bet it's yummy

Puffed french fries... ketchup flavor = interesting

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One Response to America Week in Germany

  1. Julie Darcy says:

    So funny to see how the world views each other. The super size is right for sure. I love the kectup and mustard together. Remember when the peanut butter and jelly were in a jar together, that was a huge fad, that failed badly. I am glad they can make you feel at home. What food stuff do you miss the much? I even miss stuff from CO and I am in the states, so werid. Thanks for sharing.

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