Altstadt Festival

Every Summer during the last week of June, the city of Trier is transformed. Food and drink stalls line the pedestrian streets in the main downtown area, multiple stages are constructed, and hundreds of people make their way into the city to take part in the weekend celebrations. The Altstadt (old city) festival was something that I was looking forward to experiencing and it turned out to be a very fun-filled weekend!


We joined a group of good friends on Friday evening for drinks as we slowly made our way through the city. We started in the Viehmarkt (the square with the Roman bath in the large glass building for the few of you Coloradoans that have been in Trier – my family, Becky, Whisper, and Mary). There was  a bungy jump, a dj on stage, and lots of tables to stand around while drinking local specialties. Unfortunately, I had to work all day Saturday, so we went home around midnight and attempted to sleep. I love living in the middle of the city, however the bands played at the numerous stages around our flat for many hours past my bedtime… I hope I wasn’t a grouchy dance teacher the next day!


After eight long hours of working with children under the age of 9, I came home for a long nap while Norman set up for the Funky LA party. Together, we set out into the city around 11:30, listened to a few bands, zig zagged our way through the crowd, and ended up at Funky LA before the doors opened. Andy B. Jones (the dj who puts on the Funky LA parties) converts a restaurant that is basically located in a dungeon into an awesome club every few months. We stayed at the party for a few hours, then went out in search of dinner (at 2:00 am).





The city festival lasts for 3 nights (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) but the days are much more relaxed. I enjoyed the gorgeous sun we had and walked around the city taking pictures for a few hours. Norman and I retreated to Sky Lounge to soak our feet in the pool and escape the crowds on the street below. We went back to the Viehmarkt to watch the performance of Guildo Horn. He looks absolutely rediculous, sings a lot of cover songs as well as his own music, and has become very popular all over Germany.





We tried all kids of yummy food during the weekend. Norman would barely finish one dish, before the next food stall caught his attention! Funny guy!

Bratwurst Stall

Plum filled dumping with sweet cream sauce and berry jam

Cheese filled brat wrapped in bacon - ALWAYS served with these small buns! It makes me laugh 🙂







Overall, it was an awesome weekend! I loved seeing the city transform and being smack dab in the middle of one of the busiest weekends of the year!

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