Family Visit

It had already been decided many months ago that my family would come to visit us in Germany during the summer. We hoped it would make my move easier if my family could picture where I was, walk the streets we walk, and get to know the people we care about. I knew my parents would love it here and it was great for them to see Norman in his home country. After Norman’s proposal in Mexico, we knew that the timing was perfect and we would also celebrate our first wedding in Germany while my family was here. We had two amazing weeks together and of course, a day that I will remember forever!

My mom, dad, and Ethan arrived on June 2nd and we spent the week showing them around the area where Norman grew up. We visited many Roman ruins and a number of beautiful castles in nearby villages. They stayed the first 5 nights with Norman’s family in an attached flat at their home in Riol. Of course we hoped our families would get along, but I think everyone was happy to see how easy it was. Within no time, it felt as though our families had always been connected and everyone was laughing and enjoying one another. Our siblings got along great and Ethan even had the chance to go to school with the Kathrina and Nadine one day. We learned that while the English language doesn’t have a name for it, the Germans call the relationship between my siblings and Norman’s siblings “Schwippschwager”… it became the kids new favorite word!

We spent nearly every evening together enjoying dinner or just talking at his parents house in Riol. I am so grateful for Norman’s family, they do so well with speaking English and learn more and more everyday! If it wasn’t for them, the connection between the two families would have been much more difficult!

Kai arrived on Wednesday evening and because his luggage was still in Paris, we quickly ran out and bought him an outfit to wear for the wedding on Thursday. Our wedding was perfect and it was everything I hoped our first ceremony would be!!!! (More to come on our special day soon!)

We had one final day in Trier to rest up and recover from the wedding celebrations before catching a flight to Barcelona for a family filled Honeymoon! haha. I had been to Barcelona two summers ago during my World Tour with Jayme, so it was cool to be back in a city that was somewhat familiar. We visited the Park Güell, La Rambla, La Sagrada Familia, Montjuic Castle, the Magic Fountains, and relaxed on the beach in Barceloneta. My parents rented an apartment with amazing views of the ocean and it was a great way to end our Europe trip together.

It was hard saying goodbye and knowing that I won’t see them for four months, but I know it will go quickly. Thank god for skype and emails! Norman and I are so in love and it made our hearts even happier to see how much our families love each other. I know that we are creating a life for ourselves that will be filled with years of laughter and happiness that will spread between our two countries.

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2 Responses to Family Visit

  1. Julie Darcy says:

    Sounds like an amazing two weeks. Isn’t it crazy to think how far we have come. We use to have our parents visiting us in college in the dorms and praying they would take our selves and friends to a decent meal. Or we would go to friends parents house (Lindsay’s parents) and eat until we almost puked and enjoy the clean carpet, ha ha. Then we graduated and got real jobs so it was harder to spend constant time together with the family. Now we have our families visiting us in our curren homes and we are the hosts/ tour guides. It feels amazing to share your current life with your family, I know from experince.
    Man life is crazy and you never know where it will take you. You know that best that everything happens for a reason (in a forigen bar at the right time and same time as your future husband). I promise you and I and our HUSBANDS (fun to say about both of us) will end up in Colorado some day with our families and our own families and be drinking tequilla on a patio and laughing at our children.
    Keep living life to the fullest and keep on being loved and loving like crazy.

    Love you tons,

    PS Sorry to always be so mushy or in awe with your life, but you are doing some amazing/exciting things. Thanks for always sharing them with me.

  2. mcgeeandme says:

    Julie’s response made me cry. I’m going to be a wreck at the October wedding. 😛

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