June wedding… less than a month!

I spent one day shopping with Ramona (Norman’s mom) and another day with Kathrina and Nadine (his sisters) and we found their dresses for the June ceremony. I am going to have the most beautiful little sister in laws ever!

As with everything else, it was easy! Sometimes I wonder how it can all fall into place so nicely, but that’s the luck that Norman and I have always had. Looking back, many aspects of our relationship should have been harder… time difference, traveling, bad internet connections, oceans seperating the two of us, etc…. but it has always worked out ok, no better than ok, it has been great!

I am debating if and when we should share the photos from our June ceremony. Norman’s good friend is a professional photographer and will be documenting BOTH of our special days. Because two ceremonies are not common in the American tradition, I am wondering if I should post pictures of the June ceremony before our October celebration…. what do you think? I’m sure family and friends will be anxious, but because its uncommon to most of the, I don’t want to take away from the second ceremony.

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2 Responses to June wedding… less than a month!

  1. Julie says:

    I can’t believe it is less then a month away, that is amazing. Nothing should be difficult about hte planning since your so in love. Love makes everything better. I think it is sweet thta you are having two ceremonies and I would love to see photos right away. Since they are so differnt, and differnt dresses I thinky uo should share them. Your sister in laws sound adorable, how fun. So glad everything is going so well.

    Love ya.

  2. mcgeeandme says:

    I agree with Jules, share the pictures! I want to see both ceremonies!
    Love ya,

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