I love my job!

I quickly realized that to make my life in Germany feel like MY life, I knew that I had to work with kids. I really miss teaching and knew that I wouldn’t be happy working in a back office or with adults. I prefer sticky, icky, smelly, laughing, crying children anyday! I completely lucked out and found something that is just perfect! I found a British family living in Luxemburg. I work Monday-Wednesday nannying their two little boys, I coach Socatots with the dad on Saturdays, and together I have started my own program and coach dance on Thursdays and Saturdays.  All the classes are taught in English, which is part of their appeal to local parents. I work with children who are native English speakers, children who speak English as a second language, and some who don’t speak any English at all. They watch us and follow along and are slowly learning basic words, ie colors, numbers, polite greetings, etc. I don’t have full time hours, but it’s giving me a lot of time to explore the area and work on my German (which is slowly but surely coming along). Check out this quick video of Socatots, it’s not our program in Luxemburg, but you will the get idea. My kids are ages 2-6 and it is so flipping adorable 🙂  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBtnIfWS1EQ

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