“Oh sorry, I didn’t realize you were the polizei!”

Thank god Germans drive on the same side as we do, because I have enough to focus on! Trying to read signs in German, listening to Tom (my English-speaking navigation system), and driving Norman’s manual car, trying to gauge what km feel like, different rules of the road… it’s a lot and I am always happy to make it home. I was almost to the flat and feeling proud that I made it back on my second day of work and also feeling nervous that we were running late to visit Norman’s sister for her birthday. I grabbed my phone from my purse, figuring I would call him when I got onto our street so he could run downstairs to meet me. I was at a stop light just around the corner from the flat when I heard honking. Now, I have gotten used to the feeling of living in a tunnel of sound, because most of the time, I can’t understand the language around me, but a honking horn is a honking horn no matter the country I am in.

I did a quick look around and saw three men in the car next to me waving. Ugh, I hate when guys try to get your attention at a red light… just let me sing and wait in peace! I rudely brushed them off with a flick of my hand and went back to waiting for the light to change so I could speed past them. The honking continued, I rolled my eyes, and looked back at this obnoxious car obviously trying to get my attention. On a second glance, I realized that they were not just three guys, they were three policemen IN a police car! Oops!!!!

I immediately rolled down the window and  started apologizing! I told them I was sorry and that I spoke English. The driver asked me to follow him when the light turned green. Oh crap, where were we going and what did I do wrong? My stomach was in knots and I was so embarrassed that I had so rudely ignored three police officers! Ugh 😦

Everything was fine in the end, turns out I shouldn’t have had my phone in my hand while driving! I continued to apologize and they even laughed about how shocked they were when I shooed them away. This wasn’t really a “lost in translation moment” as much as a BLONDE moment! Oh dear 😦

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