Easter Traditions

Fruhe Ostern 🙂

A very long weekend! The Friday and Monday before and after Easter are considered National Holidays, so everyone has at least a long 4 day weekend. All shops and government buildings close and schools use this holiday as part of their two week long Spring Break. Because of the two public holidays kids only miss 8 days of school, but have a very nice long break!

Did you know that dying easter eggs actually started in Germany? I love that one can buy colored hard boiled eggs in the grocery store year round. They come in a regular carton, but are precooked AND colored. It makes for a very pretty corner of the market! These eggs were given out throughout the week leading up Easter. We purchased some random house supplies at a store similar to a Home Depot and were given a colored egg as a little pre-Easter gift with our purchase. So sweet! Just like in the US, children dye eggs for Easter and the parents hide them around the yard.

The local bakeries were selling bread baskets, with a dyed egg in the middle. Our friend, Sara, was trying to describe this to me when I asked her if her family has any special Easter traditions. I was a little confused and couldn’t quite picture it, but the following day, I saw them being sold in all the bakery shops that line the streets of Trier.

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