I flew through the air and landed in my new life!

After an easy straight flight from Denver to London I caught a second quick flight to Luxemburg. I let a huge sigh of relief once I spotted Norman roses in hand at the airport. His mom and siblings were there too with more flowers and presents, a wonderful surprise!

The last week has been busy catching up with everyone and everything I missed while I was away. Wedding talk is our number one conversation topic, as everyone is very excited and hoping to make it to Mexico in October. Details soon to come 😉

The weather has been gorgeous and it is 100% Spring here! The flowers are blooming and the pollen flying through air and coating every surface is proof that summer is right around the corner. Their seasons are a bit more defined than the sparratic ones I experience in Colorado. We have had a few afternoon showers, but the weather has stayed fairly warm even through the late evening.

We met Norman’s family for a really nice lunch the other day at Petrisberg, a very cool restaurant on top of the hill overlooking the city. Norman and I decided to walk up there and without knowing the shortcut through the park, it took us an hour to get there. They have sand volleyball courts, a lot of grassy areas for picnicking, and the restaurant where we enjoyed a yummy lunch. We took the short cut back home and made it back in half the time 🙂 The path took us past a beautiful lookout over Trier! This is such a cool city and I can’t believe that I actually live here! Ahhhhhh 🙂

Easter was wonderful and fairly similar to the traditions I follow in CO. Norman, Ramona, and I hid candy and colored eggs in the garden during the morning and the kids searched for them a few hours later. Some of the chocolate had melted, some of the candy and eggs went undiscovered, and a lot of the goodies were devoured almost immediately. We had a big barbecue lunch in the garden with his family, aunt and uncle, and two cousins. Kathrina’s rabbit is pregnant and we were really hoping for easter bunnies, but apparently they didn’t get the memo!

Kathrina’s birthday is April 27th and for her birthday celebration, we all went to the zoo in France. It took about an hour to drive there (first we crossed through the country of Luxemburg). The Zoo was huge and had a lot of animals that I have never seen before, including a white tiger and a white Rhino and my favorite, a sweet little baby Leopard. He was playing in the water, hopping around, being licked and cleaned by his mother, and had a little afternoon snack… momma milk! So cute! The day was long and hot and very crowded because all the kids are on a two-week Spring Break.

After a long 5 day weekend together, Norman returned to work yesterday. I met with Simon (my boss) and we are still in the process of working out details for my new job. I start immediately , but will slowly work up to full-time, which gives me the chance to learn more German and get better acquainted with my new life! Stay tuned, this is only the beginning….

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