The love blanket

Who would have thought that moving to Germany would cause me to question linens?


I do not like, repeat, do not like the ‘common’ blanket situation used in Germany. Let’s get right down to the basics of it all… the sheets! Only one fitted sheet is used, in fact I don’t even think top sheets exist. The top cover is usually a down blanket covered in a duvet. Whether you have a twin, double, queen, king (which doesn’t exist) sized mattress, you would use the same size blanket and this blanket is small! When a bed is shared by two people, then two small blankets are used. I am a snuggler and I get much too tangled up trying to fight my way out of my blanket and under his!

One might think that small blankets would equal small pillows… not the case! The pillow is a perfect square, easily half the size of their blankets. It is twice the size of what I consider to be “pillow size.”

Then there is the making of the beds…. I come from a place where the bed sheets/blankets go over the side of the bed and cover the mattress. But here, they fold the blanket “hamburger style” and place it in the center of the bed, exposing the perimeter of the underneath fitted sheet. Again, if there are two people in the bed, then there are two seperately folded blankets side by side.

The whole situation had me confused and a little uneasy for the first few weeks. Luckily, Norman is a fantastic man and on our first big home shopping trip, we bought ourselves one large blanket… the “love blanket” as it is now called in the house!

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